A quest for quality

A quest for quality

September 26, 2019
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The task at hand: how do you satisfy someone’s hunger and appetite whom you’ve never met before, walking in straight from the street?

The key is to procure the best possible raw materials and work with them to bring out their flavours in the most satisfying way. Our meat and vegetables are tender and fresh.Our bread is freshly made from top notch ingredients. Our ayran, the runny-yoghurt-drink to some, comes fresh from a fountain on the restaurant floor.

How are we doing this year?

We proved that it’s possible to sustain our quality over the years. Our approach is to constantly improve our processes and to listen to feedback from customers. This is one of the channels we provide our customers to voice their praises, concerns and suggestions. Please feel free to comment below and ask questions. One of our staff will do their best to answer as soon as possible.

Some specific points we are interested in finding out about your views are:

  1. The dining experience. Apart from serving good food, we look for a good overall experience when we visit a restaurant. When you go out, you want to know that you are eating in a clean environment and getting the best service
  2. High quality food. This is our way to attract more customers to our restaurant. We always taste-test our food so that we have an idea of how it tastes and we feel our customers will like it.
  3. The price factor. We should always price food right. If food is overpriced for its taste, customers will definitely lose interest.

Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity. Study and love nature, it will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright, 1959

We aim to get better and satisfy more and more customers. We cannot do this without your help. Thanks for your support and comments.

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