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  1. Tuqire Hussain

    1 / 17 / 201412:34 am


    Do you have WiFi?


    • 12 / 11 / 201511:03 pm

      how much mixed grill fo 2 person



  2. Hassan

    4 / 15 / 20147:45 pm

    Brilliant food kebab kofta and doner but would be better if it was more sauce selection and bread thank you


  3. marta&martin

    5 / 10 / 20149:27 pm

    Fresh and tasty food. Very fast service. Great staff – very caring and with a smile on their face. Always welcoming.


    • 7 / 24 / 20168:30 am

      Love your display So much. I would so love to have been there to have a proper look and a feel. I love the texurtes in your work. I was told a tip once, if you can get the customer to hold the piece they will find it very hard to part with it! x


  4. Jana

    5 / 28 / 20143:27 pm

    Hi there,

    I will be staying in Willesden Green for a class trip with my tutor group at the end of June. Can you fit 32 people in your branch on High Road? Do I need to make reservations?


  5. Beverley smith

    5 / 29 / 201412:51 am

    0118 chef great, food good, staff diabolical eat in Kilburn easy Sunday everything fantastic! Will complain officially tomorow!! About Willesden should of gone to charcoal grill!!!


  6. 6 / 2 / 20147:17 am

    Iam enjoying woody grill more then three years now,
    Unfortunately iam not going to do that anymore due to few incidents with a skinny brunet lady( simce she is arabic) wich is trying her best to make a relation with my husband in front of me and my son!!
    Just disgusting
    Advicing the ladys to keep their husbands tight!!:)


    • Woody's Grill

      12 / 20 / 201512:50 am


      Thanks for sharing your advicing to the ladies, we will be sure to advicing our customers to be keeping their husbands tight in the future.

      Furthermore, we are sorry for the distress the skinny brunet lady caused to yourself and your son. She has assured us that your husband rejected her lustful advances, reaffirming his enduring love for you.

      May fortune shine on you and all of your kin,

      Yours forever and faithfully,
      Sabrina from Sainsburys


  7. linda

    6 / 13 / 20145:14 am

    Have been to Woodys Willisden for the last 4 years. Went last night and really disappointed by the ‘don’t’ attitude. We don’t accept card payments, we don’t put salad in our wraps any more , we offer sauce but don’t put it in the take-away. Surprise, the next ‘don’t’ is don’t go back.


  8. ilma

    10 / 12 / 20142:19 pm

    I was a client for the Woods Willesden green by 1 year,but this Sunday l went there to buy a grilled chicken,when l saw 1 of the guy working on the grill took a table napkin and to blow one’s nose and kee the dusty napkin on yor hand,back to the grill and touch on the chicken,bread,and others food.it was not very good,no hygienical,l just did not left my order because there was lots of people,if l explain why l did not want the order,sure the people could not like my answer.the management have to make sure that their works are hygienics.


  9. Tom

    10 / 4 / 20153:37 pm

    Is the Woody Green Willesden Green branch now closing earlier than 5am? The reason I ask is because I went there for a kebab a few nights ago, at probably between 1am-2am and it was closed, much to my surprise. I hope this was just a temporary issue as it was brilliant having a Woody Grill open so late at night in Willesden (best fast food takeaway restaurant in the area!).


  10. Belinda

    10 / 7 / 20153:34 pm

    Waste and recycling

    Can you please provide me with the correct person to contact regrading you waste and recycling.


  11. 2 / 18 / 20166:36 pm

    where can I send my CV, for possible recruitment or interview? email …


  12. Shakka

    2 / 22 / 20164:46 pm

    The food here is awful full of grease and oil! I use to love woody gril not any more I must try oven girl next door! I heard the food is a lot better!!


  13. Tony

    2 / 28 / 20165:30 pm

    Horrible restaurant serving disgusting food. Keep well away unless you want a case of the runniest toilet runs about 30 mind after you’ve eaten the.


  14. sid

    3 / 9 / 20168:08 pm

    always asking for cash and pretending their card machine isn’t working . clearly a lie …


  15. Chris

    10 / 21 / 20168:09 pm

    Is this restaurant now shut forever? It is boarded up and there is no information.






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