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  1. Murilo

    1 / 29 / 20136:06 am

    Well, im used to live in london for a year and wood grill make the best food for me and im wanna open one wood griil shop in brasil is it possible?!!


  2. 3 / 26 / 20131:21 pm

    I have put a small review of This fantastic Food Paradise on both my Shepherds Bush and London pages, i have to say that this is THE BEST kebab shop that i have ever found in the UK, Fantastic food! you should open one in Manchester!


  3. Madasalorry

    1 / 4 / 201411:14 pm

    There is no other Woody Grill (Except the other two branches).

    Simply one of the best kebabs (At decent price) you can get in London.



  4. kelly

    1 / 25 / 20148:23 pm

    Yes, this is the best branch, quick service. I went to Acton, the staff is unbelieveable.


  5. Jonrad

    5 / 9 / 201410:01 pm

    Could not even eat my kebab, absolutely overloaded with hot sauce to the point where you wonder if the ‘cook’ even understands what he’s doing to the thing. Unimpressed. I’ve tried quite a few kebab places throughout London and this one hits rock bottom. Live nearby. Avoided it for a year because it looked too commercial. Gave it a go. Definitely not worth a try.


  6. Antonio

    2 / 10 / 201512:26 pm

    Very good decent food, not the Best Turkish in Town but pretty good, tasty and well served. Oh and cheap. What can I say more? :)


  7. Keeran

    4 / 1 / 20158:45 pm

    Foods great but my freind had a problem with his order was overcharged for what he ordered he went all the way back to be greeted with a brick wall although he is a reguar customer they refunded him but with attitude needless to say it is off are place to eat and there was a lot of us at are workplace customer service skills is a must review


  8. abdellah radi

    4 / 3 / 20151:08 am

    The worst customer service ever , gloomy and rude staff , no signs of politeness or hospitality . No English language in that restaurant . I will never go back there and I don’t recommend it to anybody .


  9. 9 / 3 / 20152:12 pm

    I love my kebabs and my kebab loves me

    I’m smitten with Oxbridge road branch Hammersmith

    I’ve eaten out of hundreds kebab I do rate this one has the greatest one I’ve ever been to . There quality of food in the kebab world deserves The Michelin star awards .

    I ate from the winners and runner ups of 2014 UK kebab awards and was pleased but I’m 10 times more pleased at woods over the moon I’d say there lamb donner was identical to the shoulder of lamb , I’m in love

    Thanks for the best lunch today white crash helmet I looked like traffic warden lol


  10. Belinda

    10 / 7 / 20153:34 pm

    Waste and recycling

    Can you please provide me with the correct person to contact regrading you waste and recycling.


  11. 2 / 19 / 201611:54 pm

    complaint from a paying customer for many years What a crap service dont get me wrong the waitress they are lovely cant speak a word of English polish but very friendly and giving now we have been coming here on many occasions and spend a least £20 today 19/02/2016 there was an old guy i think he is the manager we all ways get a free tea and the meal i got was small and the Muslim women next to me got the same meal and it was a lot bigger you would have to see it to believe it the manger didn’t want to give me a free tea and we always get a free tea no problem but today no so when we got the bill they tried to charge for 3 cokes and 2 tea witch we didn’t even have because he wanted to charge us so we always go out our way to come to this place and always spend enough money there but today i decided to never go back there again


  12. 3 / 4 / 201610:13 pm

    I would advise you all not to eat there, read report from health Inspectors


  13. I’ve been eating at Woody Grill for many years and am shocked to read this…. http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/owner-of-woody-grill-restaurant-fined-30000-over-hygiene-offences-a3198846.html

    So sad to learn that Woody Grill doesn’t even care about basic food hygiene. I feel sick looking at those photos and thinking about all the meals I’ve had at Woody Grill :(


  14. Alex

    3 / 13 / 201612:32 am


    Awfull hygiene at this place, never going here again!!!


  15. Chin Fu Hang

    4 / 3 / 20166:43 pm

    Shepherd’s Bush’s Woody Grill branch has been fined £30,000 for lack of hygiene. Check the photos on London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham’s website. Yuk! Will never go there! Disgusting!


  16. 10 / 17 / 20167:46 pm

    Hi , my name is Georgiana , i have 19 years , my date of birth is 31.07.1997 , and I looking for a job , I lovely your fastfood , it’s the best one , i eating before


  17. Johnson

    10 / 28 / 20166:21 am

    The waiters and waitress are exellent but the manager in the glasses is a racist somtimes charges for free stuff somtimes gives them for free and the other day i seen not one but two mice run past their workers feet. Im now wondering why my stomach hurts so much just hope they change their boss but not their waitresses and waiters


  18. Maihan

    11 / 7 / 20169:32 pm

    I live in Pakistan how can I test the woody grill food ;)






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