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  1. 3 / 25 / 20139:58 am

    we beg you to send us the prix/menu halal
    for a tourist group.
    tks in advance
    M Carmen


    • Johhny john hon don mon son lon yon kon ton

      2 / 23 / 20163:02 pm

      It’s gooooooooooooooooood meat, all halal and varii gud. that is gud. that is really gud. that is really really really gud. you gud. we gud. everyone gud except for bad people they bad varii bade
      they verii verii bad
      bad people
      you know who
      and is


  2. zara

    5 / 18 / 20137:16 pm



  3. Konrad

    10 / 13 / 20133:49 pm

    Outstanding first place. Masters in masterpiece. Has been in many of restaurants but other one can’t even compare with it. Lamb with obergine is so outstanding and suculent. And very fast service. One minus they don’t have home delivery :) and I’m lazy person, butfor that food always is worth going. 6 stars of 6 possible. 100% no dissapointment.


  4. ganesh

    10 / 15 / 20139:42 am

    I like the food.


  5. 10 / 26 / 20136:38 pm

    You guys need to deliver or get on HungryHouse or Just-eat.

    You’d make a killing.


  6. Ali

    10 / 26 / 20139:12 pm

    Excellent service and food. Very reasonable prices.
    Highly recommended.


  7. ramy

    11 / 17 / 20136:12 pm

    very nice food


  8. imran

    11 / 20 / 20132:55 am

    Very nice food


  9. arvin

    2 / 19 / 201411:38 am

    Nice fresh minted lemonade to complement the kebabs. Highly recommended


  10. Candice

    4 / 5 / 20148:46 pm

    Is there any waitress jobs?


  11. Özgür K.

    5 / 9 / 20148:16 am



  12. 5 / 11 / 20144:57 pm



  13. Imran Khan

    6 / 1 / 20143:16 pm

    Yeah you guys need to get on Hungry House or Just Eat.


  14. Riaz Ahmad

    7 / 17 / 201411:13 pm

    Simply amazing and excellent service whether eating in or taking away – Jzkr


  15. Martin

    7 / 28 / 20142:11 pm

    I’ve waited over 20 minutes at the table and still nobody served me. I’ve lost my lunch break and left hungry. Poor service!


  16. Jacqueline

    8 / 28 / 20141:30 pm

    It would be brilliant if you did home delivery, you would get lots and lots of orders.


  17. Imran Khan

    9 / 28 / 20149:11 am

    I am obsessed with woody grill, its lovely and it is definitely worth the price so every time I go I have to leave a tip for the workers hard work , and i am happy for the amount of success youve made and expanding your buisnees and you guys have great potential to hit number 10 in the Turkish restaurants, i truely believe anyone reading this should definately go to woody grill in ACTON as it is the best so i really thank you for helping me put on abit of weight as i was aneroxic so this is why this message is really long so i really apreciate THANKS AGAIN




  18. Asim Farooqi

    10 / 21 / 20146:00 pm

    Had a lunch there and enjoyed every bit of it. Very economical and a decent place to eat with friends and families. Staff and management very organised and friendly. Fresh food and tasty too. Must go there as its Halal too. Enjoy


  19. Dina

    11 / 3 / 201412:43 pm

    Acton branch
    The best kebabs I have ever had, also staff were very helpful and friendly.
    Please consider home delivery for Ealing area.


  20. abdi abdul

    11 / 4 / 20143:32 pm

    Got to say the truth that there food is very good especially their kebabs coming from a person that dont like kebab but the thing that disappointed me was they where speaking bad about me in their language (my turkish friend told me) and laughing at my face i was so disappointed that i left my food and walked away
    so i dont see my self ever going back to their shop again


  21. Mirja

    12 / 10 / 201412:11 pm

    Went to the new Watford branch a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t disappoint! Friendly and attentive waiters, very good tasty food, good portions, lots of little extras (free salad, bread, tea).
    Would definitely recommend! We will be back soon:)


  22. Adam

    2 / 12 / 20151:02 am

    I moved recently to acton and Am asking about the priece of food in Woody Grill as I did not find it online?


    • Asim Farooqi

      9 / 23 / 20152:26 pm

      Pop in to the restaurant and get the brochure. You will find all the deals on it.


  23. Adam

    2 / 12 / 20151:02 am

    Do they do delivery?


    • Asim Farooqi

      9 / 23 / 20152:25 pm

      No they don’t do delivery but you can place order over the phone for collection.


  24. khan

    9 / 6 / 20156:50 pm

    we went for sunday lunch and OMG,,, why havent we been there before,, its the best tasting shwarmas and kebebs, it was just so tasty, that just looking at the plates and presentation was excellent and if you tasted the Filafels,, my, my, my were hot and fluffy and amazing ,,, with fresh houmous and turkish salads,, it was heavenly food… the service was quick and great, politeness and lovely atmosphere,,, Cant wait to go again… a must try for all meat lovers….


  25. Rim

    12 / 15 / 20157:35 pm

    i have visited your restaurant today and your staff has chucked chilli sauce on my two eyes and you did not really do nothing about it I would like this complaint to be delt


  26. rabi

    12 / 18 / 20154:41 am

    Nice place, nice food, nice management. But the TALL GUY WITH BEARD, IS SO HORRIBLE! !! My goodness. He just want to ROB YOU.


  27. chole

    12 / 20 / 20159:03 am

    Omg the food amazing just needs abit of all purpose seasoning ##I am white bye the way…….gooood fooood


  28. Reece and family

    1 / 13 / 20167:09 pm

    Fantastic food fantastic service fantastic price NEED SAY NO MORE !!!


  29. George

    1 / 31 / 20166:46 pm

    All of this messages had been end by you this is the worst restaurant in Acton no one got a clue what they doing. Shame I wouldn’t bring my dog there


  30. M S Azizi

    2 / 1 / 201612:09 am

    This is the most dirty and dangerous place ever I have seen in my life. Last night we where there and my wife field down on its ground because it was very oily and dirty all over the place I’d sleepery if u don’t care u well have the same problem. We were there for one hour withiget for ambulance to take my wife to hospital. And nobody in this place came to ask what happened to you guys or offer a cup of water. She suffer very back pine and the doctors saying we will keep her for longer in hospital. It was really disappointed with this place I don’t know how they run these kind of business with no manger in the ground. Just witterss which can’t speak even English. After all this place is the most dirty,rubbish place I ever seen in my life. If you see the toilet OMG even your weeee well stop.


  31. M S Azizi

    2 / 1 / 201612:11 am

    I have number of people that they are my witnesses about what I am saying. .


  32. 2 / 19 / 201611:53 pm

    complaint from a paying customer for many years What a crap service dont get me wrong the waitress they are lovely cant speak a word of English polish but very friendly and giving now we have been coming here on many occasions and spend a least £20 today 19/02/2016 there was an old guy i think he is the manager we all ways get a free tea and the meal i got was small and the Muslim women next to me got the same meal and it was a lot bigger you would have to see it to believe it the manger didn’t want to give me a free tea and we always get a free tea no problem but today no so when we got the bill they tried to charge for 3 cokes and 2 tea witch we didn’t even have because he wanted to charge us so we always go out our way to come to this place and always spend enough money there but today i decided to never go back there again


  33. Tim Wong

    2 / 27 / 20168:31 am

    Poor customer service and unhelpful waitresses was the first impressions I got from the Acton Restaurant. The food was average. I was expecting a lot more and ended up disappointed.


  34. Aladin Alhamidi

    5 / 18 / 20167:18 pm

    I order a two kebab which comes with rice and a chips&cheese for takeaway when I reach home the chips&cheese is missing I try hundreds time to ring the line is busy (6pm)so I drove back to the restaurant,first it seems somebody forgot to put the handset back, the food is cold they promise to cook a another one but this not happen they reheat the same food, finally I am back home but this time the rice is missing and all this happen because of a member of the staff who is bald and working behind the grill. I will never go back again.


  35. Your average person

    5 / 30 / 201611:27 am

    The waitresses were helpful, but when the starters were served, I found a hair in my humus. Otherwise the food was decent, the chicken doner was nothing special, one of the lamb chops was under cooked – it was very pink in the middle and chewy. Other than that the only thing I really liked were the fries. Also there was not much lighting so the Acton store seemed really dull to be honest.






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